Accelerate learning and increase productivity in a shared virtual world.

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How does it work?

Fynd CORE allows you to create your own Metaverse for training and learning

Want to build procedures and scenarios? We got you covered!
The Scenario builder allows you to decide what happens next.

Accelerate Learning

Immersive learning saves time and decrease distractions. With targeted streamline training you can decrease training time, enhance memory and learn faster!

Learn faster


With extended reality you can collaborate from any part of the world. This cuts costs on travel and seminars which again saves not only money but also the enviroment. It makes collaboration and planning easier and more effective.

Core around the world

Increase Insight

Since extended reality makes it possible to collaborate from any part of the world it increases the chance for goal-oriented planning. With immersive learning in Fynd CORE you can grade accomplishments and results.

Increase insight

Enhance productivity

Training with immersive learning increases productivity and learning up to 50 %. Users can streamline any operation and train in a safe environment.

Enhance productivity

Engage employees

Our platform works on devices available to all. Since users are experiencing the same virtual environment, they won't get as distracted by what is happening in their real environment and they become engaged and more focused.

Engage employees

Stronger security

With immersive learning you will get safer onboarding and training. It is also possible to recreate real situations or scenarios that are impossible to train for in real life. Such as soldiers training for interaction with civilians during war.

Stronger security

Clients and partners