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An illustration showing four separated nodes connected through the CORE application.

We create Virtual Reality collaboration solutions for all devices

Fynd Reality creates augmented and virtual reality solutions for all devices. We develop systems for learning, training and interacting in close collaboration with our clients’ areas of expertise. We work persistently to create quality solutions and we’re a reliable partner in a new and exiting era of technology.


Our virtual collaboration platform Fynd CORE achieves natural and interactive communication anywhere, anytime, with anyone and on any device.

CORE is currently in closed BETA

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We have collaborated with

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We have collaborated with


Portrait of CEO Knut Henrik Aas wearing a hololens

Knut Henrik Aas
(+47) 934 00 154

Portrait of CTO Kristine Kvam wearing an oculus quest

Kristine Kvam
(+47) 974 39 838

Portrait of sales manager Bjørn Morten Steimler wearing a VR-headset

Bjørn Morgen Steimler

Portrait of technical manager Frode Sveen wearing a hololens

Frode Sveen
Technical manager

Portrait of software developer Ole Midthun wearing a hololens.

Ole Midthun
Software engineer

Portrait of 2D and 3D artist Silje Kroken wearing a oculus quest

Silje Kroken
2D/3D Artist

Portrait of software developer Henrik Goldsack wearing a hololens and holding a keyboard.

Henrik Goldsack
Systems designer

Portrait of 3D artist Tore Sandvik

Tore Sandvik
3D Artist

Portrait of software developer Markus Nystadnes wearing a hololens.

Markus Nystadnes
Software engineer

Portrait of 2D and 3D artist Maria Kubberød wearing an Oculus Quest

Maria Kubberød
2D/3D Artist

Portrait of software developer Jonas Hauge wearing a hololens

Jonas Hauge
Software engineer

Portrait of 3D artist Andreas Stende wearing an Oculus Quest

Andreas Stende
3D Artist

Portrait of 2D and 3D artist Rebecca Bakkejord wearing a oculus quest

Rebecca Bakkejord
2D/3D Artist

Portrait of 2D and 3D artist Jonas Rokke wearing a oculus quest

Jonas Rokke
3D Artist


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