Collaborative Learning Simplified

Fynd CORE is your go-to for interactive training and education! It's like magic - connecting users worldwide for collaborative 3D adventures.

Get ready to explore and learn in a whole new dimension!

Our goal is to empower users to learn faster and
enhance productivity through immersive experiences.

How Fynd CORE works

With Fynd CORE, you're the boss! Fynd CORE is a hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, running with an installed client on the user end, using either untethered VR-glasses or computers, and cloud storage of visual assets. Choose to use existing training programs or craft your own sessions. Get creative by adding your personal touch with realistic environments and 3D models, or keep it simple using our ready-made models. Have a session with colleagues or students whether they're right next to you or miles away. It's like having a virtual meeting room where you can chat with participants from around the globe! Your training, your way!


Picture environments in Fynd CORE like 3D worlds around you – from simple meeting rooms to whole buildings or even outdoor spaces. During a session, you can easy switch environments without changing the 3D stuff you're working with.

Choose from Fynd CORE's ready-made environments or ask us to create a new one just for your training needs!

3D Models

Have fun with 3D models in the environment – move them, press buttons, open doors! Some objects even have cool animations like fires or smoke.

Fynd CORE has lots of 3D models you can use. If you don't find what you want, we can help with modeling and animations, or use what you've got. Interactive 3D objects range from tools to entire vehicles. Grab objects, bring them into your environment, and bam – you've got a scene!


Each license gives users 30 slots to use however they like. The license admin sets up sessions, shares PINs, and adjusts settings freely. It's a playground for creativity—have one big session for group fun, or run 30 solo sessions simultaneously.

No personal data is stored, and if you need, add individual logins linked to your LMS for progress tracking.


With Fynd's vast experience, we're here to tailor your training adventure! Whether it's 3D models, scenarios, or advice on blending virtual tech into your programs, we've got you covered. Exporting complex CAD or BIM models? We'll help create setups for lightweight, realistic models compatible with VR headsets and mobiles.

Cloud Solution

We trust Microsoft Azure for our cloud magic, ensuring speedy sharing, smooth upkeep, awesome scalability and top-notch security. Your data, your way! Install a small app on your device, and voila—get all your training content from the cloud based on your subscription.

Craft Your Training Adventure with the Scenario Builder

Meet the Scenario Builder in Fynd CORE—your training command center! Change procedures, create new training adventures, and save templates for different missions. Imagine these saved scenes as the building blocks for epic training setups that you can tweak and refine.

The Scenario Builder even comes with handy templates to kickstart your training journey. It's your toolkit for endless training possibilities!

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In the realm of customer success, the stories that truly resonate are those fueled by innovation and amplified by transformative platforms. At the heart of these tales lies Fynd CORE, our cutting-edge platform that propels businesses into the realm of unparalleled value creation and immersive XR experience

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From the intricacies of design and UI/UX to the nuances of programming, discover firsthand accounts detailing the craftsmanship behind Fynd CORE's development."