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We help our partners deliver world class learning experiences to their customers. CORE allows you to communicate your expertise in an engaging and effective way. We provide the technology, so you can focus on the content.

Build any training experience in Core!

Create, sell and distribute your XR-applications to you customers

Core can be integrated with your systems

We are proud partners with AVR Japan!

AVR JAPAN is our distribution partner in Japan. We have a close partnership delivering solutions to a broad range of customer ranging from universities, Fortune global 500 companies and hosting weddings.

The AVR Japan team create content for their customers and then use CORE as the framwork for building Enterprise Metaverses for their customers.

So how do we collaborate?

We are committed to creating value together. As a partner of Fynd you can choose whether you want to create all the content yourself, or whether you want us to develop the solutions. We know what works in XR and are happy to share our knowledge with you!

Fynd supports you with sales and marketing material and helps you create the best customer experiences.

Our partners

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