Elevate defense readiness with
building unique XR experiences

Procedure training

Our scenario builder empowers defense professionals to design tailor-made simulations that replicate real-life combat scenarios, train strategic decision-making, and strengthens situational awareness. Elevate defense readiness with tailor-made XR experiences, from immersive wargaming simulations to mission-critical procedures. One of our procedure training projects is for the Ukrainian Defense on training on the Leopard A4

Virtual Joint Operation Center

The Virtual Joint Operation Center in Fynd CORE brings together people, technology, and information from various locations. It acts as a hub where experts can collaborate, monitor systems, and respond to situations in real-time, even if they are physically dispersed. Fynd CORE leverages technology to overcome geographical constraints and enhance operational effectiveness.One of our clients using the virtual JOC is NATO.

Train on procedural drills in military scenes

Experience realistic simulations as the ReSTART - drill in Fynd CORE. ReSTART is a procedure designed to address operational challenges where soldiers, due to ASR (Acute Stress Reaction) or mental overload, experience a loss of functionality. This protocol is part of a training program aimed at equipping soldiers with the ability to recognize an ASR, execute the ReSTART drill, and assist a fellow soldier if the ReSTART procedure proves necessary.

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