The Virtual Welfare Apartment

7th of March 2024 ✍️ by Bjørn Morten Steimler
Together with Fagskolen Innlandet (The Inland higher vocational college) and Helseinn, we have developed a solution aimed at increasing understanding of welfare technology.

"We wanted to use VR in teaching to provide students with future-oriented and practical education. Teaching in VR related to welfare technology is sustainable as it minimizes travel to visit display apartments, in addition to being easy to upgrade the virtual apartment with new technology."

- Line Narvesen Jørgentvedt, Assistant Principal and Head of Health Sciences Department
The apartment in Fynd CORE
The apartment in Fynd CORE

As the population continues to age, there is an increasing need for innovative ways to support aging individuals. Welfare technology is a collective term for aids that help make life easier for those who need assistance at home. New technology is constantly being introduced, and it is crucial that healthcare professionals have updated knowledge and understanding of how the various aids work and when they should be used. In the solution, students are taken into a generic apartment and asked to either become familiar with different types of technology already placed there or to propose different solutions for potential users.

"Students find it exciting and informative to visit the display apartment in VR. It is also challenging to learn how to solve practical tasks inside the apartment"

- Line Narvesen Jørgentvedt

Based on educational program
The solution is based on an educational program developed by Fagskolen Innlandet and is created in Fynd CORE.

First, students are presented with a case – typically a user with specific needs and challenges. The case is meant to make them reflect on how to help the user. Next, they collaborate to set up various technological aids to help the individual. This is done in groups in the Virtual Welfare Apartment in CORE. Finally, there is a collective review in the apartment where the different choices made by the students are discussed.

"This is a very good example of how VR can be used to enhance learning and make other technology more accessible. Since there are so many types of aids and welfare technology constantly evolving, it is both costly and impractical to have this technology available in a physical apartment."

- Bjørn Morten Steimler, CCO Fynd Reality

Easy customization
Fynd CORE allows for easy customization of the different types of technology in the apartment and for virtual collaboration. This makes the learning process more interactive and engaging than traditional learning methods.

Fagskolen Innlandet actively uses the solution in teaching, and we are concurrently working on a new project to expand students' opportunities to practice an increased understanding of users' needs.