Crisis Management

12th of February 2024 ✍️ by Knut Henrik Aas
Fynd CORE used in crisis management involves dealing with threats; before, during, and after they have occurred. It consists of skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with a serious situation, especially from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start.

Room full off people looking at Fynd CORE
Fynd CORE in use on the Center for Preparedness and Societal Safety at INN University

XR Decision Support System

In collaboration with Norway Innland University of Applied Science, Fynd Reality has developed Fynd CORE as a XR Decision Support System (DSS) for training students, from all kinds of organizations, to handle national threats. These threats occur in risk areas related to climate changes, cyber and space, critical infrastructure, terror, fire and explosions, pandemic, pollution, traffic and full-scale war. Read more about the project on their page:

Replace tabletop training, sandbox training, input response training and initial skills training with the superb flexibility and scalability of Fynd CORE. Different virtual environments and maps can be accessed in Fynd CORE to establish your training. Populate with thousands of 3D models in different scenarios and change the situation rapidly during exercise or use the scenario builder to add decision making options.

A group of people inside VR handling a crisis

Solo or in team

In Fynd CORE the students can train alone or in teams. The teams can represent a huge range of crisis management staffs or even first responders. Try a combination of incident respons and decision making at staff level and vary with different communication systems between the staff and the first responders.