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The Virtual Medicine Room

The virtual medicine room has been developed in collaboration with the nursing education at Høgskolen i Innlandet, and their expertise forms the foundation for the cases in the application. As a training tool, the virtual medicine room aims to allow students to practice using a medicine room and assembling medications for patients in a more realistic manner than is currently possible.The room is a safe and cost-effective environment without the risk of harming patients.

Preparedness and Emergency Management

In collaboration with Norway Innland University of Applied Science, Fynd Reality has developed Fynd CORE as a XR Decision Support System (DSS) for training students, from all kinds of organizations, to handle national threats. These threats occur in risk areas related to climate changes, cyber and space, critical infrastructure, terror, fire and explosions, pandemic, pollution, traffic and full-scale war.

The virtual welfare apartment

New technology is constantly being introduced, and it is crucial that healthcare professionals have updated knowledge and understanding of how the various aids work and when they should be used. In the solution, students are taken into a generic apartment and asked to either become familiar with different types of technology already placed there or to propose different solutions for potential users.

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