NSO Enhances Industrial Emergency Response Training with Fynd CORE

7th of March 2024 ✍️ by Maren Framnes
The Norwegian Industrial Safety Organisation (NSO), a leading organization in industrial safety, recognized the need for effective training tools to educate industry emergency response team leaders. These leaders play a crucial role in managing emergencies within industrial settings. To address this need, NSO sought a solution that could be easily integrated into training sessions and transported to various locations.

Two representatives from NSO
Knut Oscar Gilje and Svenn Willy Gjerde representing NSO in a workshop at Fynd Reality

Enter Fynd CORE
A versatile training platform perfectly suited to NSO's requirements. The proposed project involved creating two scenarios to kickstart the training process, all built on Fynd COREs own scenario builder. While some new 3D objects like forklifts and IBC containers were added, NSO could also utilize existing objects from Fynd CORE's library.

One of Fynds emplyees working in one of the scenarios.
Maria working on the first scenario

The scenarios
In the first scenario, course participants are tasked with managing a situation where a truck unloading from a vehicle falls off a ramp, causing a leak. This scenario tests their ability to assess and respond to an immediate emergency.

The second scenario presents a more complex challenge. A building structure collapses, prompting participants to evaluate the scene and identify potential hazards. They must then apply the theoretical knowledge they've acquired to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

A scene from Fynd CORE
From the first scenario in Fynd CORE

Safer workplaces and more effective crisis management
By incorporating Fynd CORE into their training program, NSO aims to provide participants with hands-on experience in handling real-life emergencies within industrial environments. With engaging scenarios and interactive elements, participants can enhance their decision-making skills and emergency response capabilities, ultimately contributing to safer workplaces and more effective crisis management.