We entered a partnership with SenseGlove!

15. September 2022

Senseglove develops haptic gloves, and have been on our radar for quite some time. Their gloves allow you to feel the surface of things you touch in VR and allows you to grasp objects as if they were in your hands. ūü§Į We are very excited to test this futuristic concept in CORE! Their gloves are called Nova, and we are proud to be their first Norwegian partner!

SenseGlove, a leader in the world of haptic technology

From electrical engineers, haptics researchers and computer vision experts to XR developers, UX designers and product innovators, SenseGlove is a team of sci-fi enthusiasts with skills and passion to enrich human capabilities and bring sense to the Metaverse.

The company originates from the Netherlands. It came to be after a graduation project of its two founders, Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter, at the Delft University of Technology, the MIT of Europe.

We believe that in the era of the Metaverse digital interactions will feel as natural as the real ones: in addition to clicking and scrolling you will be able to touch, grab, hold and feel the virtual as if it was real. -SenseGlove 2022
© Senseglove 2022

Senseglove Nova hands-on

Jonas and Tore, two of our 3D artists, were the first at the office to try the Senseglove Nova hands-on. It was a new and realistic touch to the VR part using the Sensgloves. To actually get a responsive feedback when objects are picked up opens alot of new ways to use VR.

The senseglove had movement restrictions on 4 fingers where the pinky is free, vibrations on the wrist and the fingers which can make an impact on the immersion. The gloves might feel a little heavy with the VR controllers connected on top, but the moment something is grabbed, the weight creates a more realistic feeling of the object.

The only thing missing right now are the precission of the gloves, because there are plenty of times you get close to pinching your fingers together when the objects are too big.

Overall we are quite impressed and excited to see how this technology will evolve in the future!