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 Virtual Reality as a medical training tool

to prevent medication errors

The Virtual Medicine room is a tool for helping medical and nursing students in their training on how to handle medication. This room is a safe environment where there is no risk of harming patients and of economic loss. The virtual medicine room gives you time for trial and error, without any consequences. You enter an identical virtual twin of the medicine room from the Inland School of Applied Sciences, prepare drugs for different fictional patients according to their journals.

Everyday there are people in hospitals who’s lives depend on the medication they’re given.

It is therefore hugely important to be able to trust those who handle this medicine, but at the same time we know that accidents might happen. We also know that this is the area where most medical students fail. That is why, in collaboration with Inland University of Applied Sciences, we developed a tool that will alleviate these risks.

Nurses administer medications based on the six rights: The right drug, the right patient, the right dose, the right route, the right time and the right documentation. Calculating the right dosage especially, seems to be something many nursing students struggle with.

Therefore, in collaboration with Inland University of Applied Sciences, we have developed this tool to will reduce the dangers of calculation mistakes; The Virtual Medicine room!

Inside the Virtual Medicine room

The students enter an identical virtual copy of a medicine room. Here you have all the medicine and drugs you typically handle when dealing with patients. While in the simulation, you get a patient journal that you have to follow. You then prepare drugs for the patient according to what the journal says. Finally, you get feedback informing you how you did. 

The Virtual Medicine room is constructed in our CORE platform, with all its functionalities. This means you can enter the room both alone, or with others. Because of this, you can train by yourself, in a group or together with a teacher. It completely depends on what you desire or require.

Read more about it here! 

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