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In collaboration with the Inland University of Applied Sciences, we have developed a virtual medication training system to provide students with easy and affordable training in quality assurance of drug administration and drug calculation. The main features of the application are volume training, training as a team, increased realism in training and remote guidance and supervision of trainees.The students open a digital twin of a physical medication room where they administer drugs correctly to patients based on prescriptions cards.

The user enters an identical, virtual copy of a medication room, where they prepare the correct drugs following patient journals. The user can access a live version of any encyclopaedia of medication, from a computer in the room, and check any drug during preparation, giving them a high degree of realism in their training. In the background the application checks all the student’s choices against the patient journal, as well as logging any irregularities in the student’s handling of the drugs. The user gets instant feedback on completion of the simulation.

The application is developed on the CORE platform, with all its functionalities, and is currently being used at the Inland University as part of their education programme for nursing.  

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