A conference hall shown in VR. The characters are all looking at a screen where a man sits wearing a VR headset.

Attend global conferences wherever you are!

In collaboration with Hamarregionen Utvikling (the Hamar region business development institution), we used CORE as part of the Nordic VR Forum (vrforum.no) in October 2020 to show presentations about VR in VR.

CORE Conferences is an arena for presentations and larger gatherings in VR, AR, on pc or mac, on tablet or mobile phone. Live streaming of content is shared on large screens in the conference hall and in smaller meeting rooms, while a camera can stream live from inside CORE to a YouTube channel.

For larger events we are working on a total sound system for dividing conversations into groups, one-to-one, meeting rooms and three-dimensional sound in larger areas.

CORE Use Cases

Fynd Reality employees wearing VR headsets; in the background there's a canvas showing a immersive learning scene in virtual reality.

Creative Meeting Place

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Classroom

Decision Support System

Buildings and construction


Virtual Medication Training

Virtual Health Tech Training