Learning just became
a whole lot more fun!

In collaboration with the inland University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Education we have developed a Virtual Classroom for pedagogical didactic exploration.

The virtual classroom can be adjusted to different kinds of education, for planning and training for different teaching methods, and for designing classrooms according to didactical needs. Training and planning can be done solo or in groups, with a supervisor or as an assignment.   

With the functionalities of CORE, a whole lecture can be held in VR, or the class can be invited to the virtual classroom when convenient- for example when there is a need to illustrate something that is impossible to visualize in the real world.

Only fantasy limits the possibilities for the teaching, without limiting the individual teacher’s preferred dissemination method –both blackboard teaching and instruction videos can be part of homework or live, distributed, education.    

Girl wearing VR headset, learning about DNA through immersive learning in virtual reality.

CORE Use Cases

Fynd Reality employees wearing VR headsets; in the background there's a canvas showing a immersive learning scene in virtual reality.

Creative Meeting Place

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Classroom

Decision Support System

Buildings and construction


Virtual Medication Training

Virtual Health Tech Training