Build and play out scenarios to resolve crucial tasks with our Decision Support System

In collaboration with Hamar Municipality, Inland University of Applied Sciences, and as a part of the INTERREG-project CriseIT, we have used CORE to develop a decision support system (DSS) for preparedness and crisis training.  

In the DSS, the environment is a three-dimensional map of the world. The map is searchable for any location, and scalable from an overview image to a full-scale rendition of any place on the planet. Users can place objects, markings, and editable text boxes on the map. This lets the user recreate situational images, either for informing about real conditions or to simulate situations and propose solutions.  

Using CORE’s save/load-system for setting up complex training exercises, users can run large scale exercises where participants make choices and are presented with the consequences of these choices. With the save/load-system, the DSS is a simple and flexible application for any training needs. 

In the DSS, users can access information boards with defined areas of responsibility. Through API’s the application can gather and visualize data from external sources like or Google Traffic. This gives any exercise a dimension of reality where the users can, for example, monitor traffic load and road axes in real-time, or visualize the effect wind direction has on smoke development.  

CORE Use Cases

Fynd Reality employees wearing VR headsets; in the background there's a canvas showing a immersive learning scene in virtual reality.

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