A screenshot from the Nordic VR Forum conference in 2020.

Virtual meetings are the future

In collaboration with Hamarregionen Utvikling (The Hamar region business development institution), we are using CORE to develop a virtual meeting place for performing creative development processes where business development organizations and other businesses in the region can be promoted.

CORE makes it easy and accessible for all

We are making the functionalities of CORE available in addition to developing virtual creative rooms for workshops on business development. CORE supports all devices, making it accessible to all. It is developed with the user in mind, making easy to use. 

Team building icon

Better bonding and communication

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Improved focus in meetings

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Cost-effective and easier to cost

Many benefits of virtual meetings

People are starting to understand how virtual meetings can be benefitial to their team. With virtual meetings and collaboration work there are more possibilites for visalization and communication.

It is easier for teams to bond and communicate. Users become more engaged, focused and more present. In a VR environment employees are more physically present within a digital space. There are less distractions. They’re interacting with other people in a varity of different ways, using body language and movement. They have access to 3D objects, which they can use to prove their points and lots more.

When your meetings are digital, it becomes easier and more affordable to host, combared to renting a room or venue. It will be easier for you to quantify all the time your company spends on different catch-ups and meetings. You will also save time and money on travel and seminars.


CORE Use Cases

Fynd Reality employees wearing VR headsets; in the background there's a canvas showing a immersive learning scene in virtual reality.

Creative Meeting Place

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Classroom

Decision Support System

Buildings and construction


Virtual Medication Training

Virtual Health Tech Training