We have worked with several customers to show digital copies of buildings for visualization and collaboration. For modern constructions, the existing digital drawings can be processed directly for visualization with high quality surface renders and interactions in VR. For older buildings, we have experience with creating digital twins from scratch.  

In collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces, we have developed a digital twin of the Norwegian Defence Museum. This twin was constructed based on old architecture drawings and photographs of the museum.

In collaboration with TINE, we developed a prototype of a digital twin of a cheese factory before construction started, to give the users early visualization and HSE-training.  

This kind of digital twin gives the participants the possibility to consider buildings before construction starts. In VR this gives a comprehensive understanding of how the drawings will function as actual buildings. With CORE the users can access a library pf objects, markings and text boxes that enhances the visualization and that can be saved for further discussion or gathering different perspectives.

If a client has a need to discuss the use of larger areas, CORE combines the map application DSS with the construction’s digital twin. This makes CORE a partner during all the stages of distributed project development and collaboration. Onboarding is made easy by invitation into active sessions across devices like VR-glasses, AR-glasses, pc, mac, tablet or mobile.

When the construction is finished, the same digital twins can be used for training without affecting daily operations, for example HSE, procedure training or skills training.

CORE Use Cases

Fynd Reality employees wearing VR headsets; in the background there's a canvas showing a immersive learning scene in virtual reality.

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