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I started working as a student from the Add-on programme in Virtual- and Augmented Reality. Upon graduation, I found myself in my first full-time job, doing something I actually enjoy. I work with a great team of developers and leaders who listens to us, make us feel appreciated and recognized for our dedication and hard work. I am contantly learning and growing both professionally and personally. This is a great place to be.

Rebecca Bakkejord

Artist, Fynd Reality

Our skills & expertise

Several of our employees have graduated from the Game Development courses at Inland University College. This expertise gives us a significant advantage when designing interactive experiences, with a focus on user experience, design, and software architecture.

    Our story

    Fynd Reality AS was established in 2017 as EON Reality Norway AS. This was a result of a regional initiative between Hamar and Elverum municipalities, the Inland University of Applied Sciences, and the Inland County Council. Beyond Fynd, our roots go all the way back to 2009, when our CEO Knut Henrik Aas started Crisis Training AS, a company dedicated to improving training processes in the military and public sector. This expertise led to the connections that formed Fynd over a decade later.

    In 2021 we changed our name from EON to Fynd Reality after an ownership restructure. The word Fynd is old Norse, and means ‘force’ or ‘compelling’. This reflects our mission to make an impact on the people we work with.

    We currently hold offices in two locations. In Hamar we are a part of PARK, a start-up cluster with a bunch of different companies, giving us access to a valuable network of knowledge. In Elverum we are located in Terningen Arena, a hotspot for education and development in the region.

    Our offices are located in the business and start-up cluster PARK Hamar and Terningen Arena Elverum.


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